Aea(s) pilot project

Aea(s) industry led pilot for the safe entry of mdw

To facilitate Employers to get the much-needed urgent assistance at home for their family and caregiving needs.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of MDWs allowed to enter Singapore has been significantly reduced. As a result, there is a massive shortage of MDWs and over dependency on the Transfer Market which might not be the ideal solution for many families

Under AEA(S) PILOT PROJECT, MDWs will undergo multiple COVID-19 tests over a 14-day period at on-boarding facilities in the home countries. Upon arrival in Singapore, MDWs will be subject to the prevailing arrival measures, including a 10-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN), COVID-19 testing protocols and safe management measures. Employers who hire MDWs through this pilot will have to pay additional fees to cover the costs of overseas testing and on-boarding of the MDWs.

The pilot programme began mid-July 2021 has been extremely successful in facilitating the entry of MDWs while minimising the risk of COVID-19 importation in Singapore. The entry of more MDWs through this approach promises certainty and credibility.

AEA(S) has now expanded the programme to cover more countries and also the frequency. AEA(S) PILOT PROJECT now facilitates weekly the arrival of MDWS from Philippines Indonesia, Myanmar and India.

AEA(S) will continue to engage the Ministry of Manpower and work closely with the Ministry for a long-term solution to revert to the pre-COVID conditions as the general conditions improve.


Employers and Employment Agencies shall take note of the details of the programme entails strict isolation processes and intensive testing regiment. As follows:

1. All Employers are now eligible to participate, though there will be prioritisation of families with Caregiving needs
2. The IPA, Security Bond and Insurance including Passport are valid and duly processed to facilitate the employment of FDW in Singapore
3. FDW complies with all MOM Entry Requirements of Singapore such Minimum Age and Medical Requirements
4. The Entry Approval and SG Arrival Card is processed prior to the entry of FDW to Singapore
5. FDW has complied with source policy and has all the necessary documents that is required by the source local authorities to serve the SHN without any interruption or enforcement from source local authorities
6. FDWs may be subject to scrutiny and interviews by local authorities. That the source service providers have to comply and act in a manner that will best manage the conditions
7. FDW will be removed from the program if she fails the required test and the Local contact shall remove the FDW from the SHN facility immediately and in compliance to the local medial protocol
8. Re-Test as an option is not available within the SHN facility
9. All Test Results and reports will be uploaded in the portal – MDW personal folder
10. MDW can re-join the programme only after she test C-
11. FDW shall be removed from the programme if she fails to comply with the strict SHN protocols
12. Clear and complete set of forms and documents pertaining to the programme are submitted before the FDW will be admitted into the program
13. FDW shall report to facilities prepared for departure as she will not be able to meet family members and/or any local contact after her Check In as it will compromise the arrangements
14. The Flight and Ferry arrangements to Singapore shall be facilitated as a full suite of Services
15. Full payment is made before the FDW will be admitted into the program
16. Any withdrawal from the programme is subject to administrative and No-Show Charges
17. AEA(S) Refund Policy is Final
18. The terms of engagement shall be revised as and when it is updated
19. The programme may be discontinued as it is subject to changing conditions both at source and in Singapore.
20. Employers are encouraged to engage the Services of the Employment Agencies who are listed herein



Manila – Philippines Check In Dates
3 Nov 2021
9 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021

Batam – Indonesia Check in Dates
08 Nov 2021
17 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021

Chennai - India Check in Date
08 Nov 2021

Important Note:

Employers on High Levy including Non Singaporean Employers and Concessionary Levy (Both IPA and Home Leave can participate).
Source Country Policy and relevant Documents must be complied with IPA and Passport are Valid Vaccination is not a requirement to participate in Project OASIS but to complete within 2 months of Arrival in Singapore.
MDWs will only enter Singapore 14 days after checking into the overseas facility. They will then serve SHN locally.

For any enquiries, please contact AEA(S) at

Hotline: 68362618