Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are also commonly known as helpers and caregivers. There is a growing demand for MDWs due to the rising need for caregiving services and extra helping hand with housework. There are already more than 200,000 MDWs employed in Singapore, with about one in every five households. In 2030, this number is projected to increase by 50% because of population growth and ageing.

Finding the right MDW and getting her into Singapore for work is a challenge. You must first know your needs and match them with the MDW’s skills. Equally important is the MDW’s character and personality that can fit your job requirements and your family environment. You need to do a proper job matching. You must also be mentally prepared to have a MDW working in your home.

Singapore is a modern city and our homes are well equipped with appliances. The MDW is typically from a third world country, who live in the village. She is culturally different and usually does not speak English. Therefore, engaging the services of an Employment Agency (EA) will help you in the following ways:

1. Matching your needs to a potential MDW.

2. Proper advice on MOM and MDW source country policies and culture.

3. Mentally prepare the MDW to work for you and process her into Singapore for employment according to MOM requirements.

4. Encourage the MDW to join AEA(S) Fun Club, where the key focus is on MDW's mental wellness.

Adhering to the above is more likely to ensure maximum success of getting a suitable MDW and settling her quickly into your home to work. The EA's obligation is to deliver the above services professionally.

AEA(S) members are licensed EAs. If you are unhappy with the EA's services, AEA(S) provides Mediation Services to resolve issues expeditiously.