Mr Thangavelu


Honorary Legal Advisor, AEA(S)


Mr. Thangavelu (“Mr. Velu”) is one of Singapore’s top criminal lawyers.

In active litigation practice for over 35 years, he has established a stellar reputation for being tenacious, dedicated, and successful. Over the decades of being one of the leading criminal lawyers of Singapore, Mr. Velu has successfully obtained acquittals and won appeals in several matters across the entire gamut of criminal offences, from murder to corruption.

Although he has a penchant for criminal practice, Mr. Velu does represent clients in divorce matters and civil litigation. Notably, Mr. Velu won an appeal against the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”) on whether a $4.6M gain made by his clients ought to be taxed or treated as capital gains (and therefore, not subject to tax). Mr. Velu prevailed in convincing the Income Tax Board of Review that IRAS was wrong in classifying the gain as a profit.

Mr. Velu is regularly appointed by other lawyers and law firms as their Counsel of choice to argue appeals and to conduct trials on their behalf. Mr. Velu’s high standing in the Singapore Bar is evident from the views of other Singapore lawyers.