Welcome to Singapore!


Singapore is a garden city where people of different nationalities, races and religions live and work together harmoniously. 

Here are some tips for you to settle down in Singapore.

1. Be Prepared

Understand the employer you are serving. Find out more about the family nucleus, whether you are serving a family, with baby, child or elderly? What is the working hours? What are the skillsets or knowledge required i.e. elderly care, infant care, basic housekeeping?

 2. Ask When In Doubt

If you cannot figure out what is required or how to do things properly, always ask and check with your employer. Communication is the key, as each employer has their preferred ways of doing things and preferences. Employers will appreciate that you take the effort to find out, ask appropriately so as to do things the right way. This will benefit both parties in the long run.

3. Stay Professional

The first 6 months to 1 year is a period of adjustment for both yourself and the employer. While you are trying your best to identify your employer's preference, personality and attitude; it is best to keep things professional. Be respectful, polite and understanding to maintain the professional relationship.

4. Adjusting to House Rules

Get yourself familiarize with the house rules as every employer has their own way of doing things. Each household carry its own set of rules, for example, scheduled time for lunch, no footwear allowed in the house and so on. Also to take note if the employer have a schedule for their children and elderly. It is a good practice to ask your employers the basic house rules to take note if you are not informed.

5. Emotions and Mental Well-Being

At times, things do not go the way you expected or planned. You may be faced with a stressful employer or overwhelmed work and packed schedules. This can be unexpected and can affect your mental and physical health. When you are stress, depressed or frustrated, always remember that there are always solutions out there. Do not suffer in silence alone. Speak with your employer to best address your issues or concerns. Alternatively, reach out to your friends and family.

6. Attend Activities to Give Yourself a Break Away from Work

AEA(S) Fun Club offer a series of events and programmes that target mental well-being for you and your friends. Indoor activities are held at 10 Square, Orchard Central that include music, dance and arts. Monthly Outdoor Activities are held at the various places of interest and iconic landmarks in Singapore that include Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, National Museum and more. Click here to AEA(S) Fun Club.

7. Connect with Family or Friends

Staying connected with family and friends through phone or video calls can do a lot for your mental health. Use these virtual meet-ups to also check on your loved ones to make sure they are staying safe and coping well.

8. Call Helplines

If you need to talk to someone about what you are experiencing, do not hesitate to reach out. With helplines available for you to call, you can speak about the issues affecting you and get help that you may need. If you know someone who may need help, share this with them the helplines too. Click here for the helplines.