Are You Ready to Begin your Employment Agency?

Kick Start Your Employment Agency with Confidence!

After you have invested time and effort to pass the KAH/CEI course and ontain a MOM licence, what's next? Are you ready for this  business? Do you know what to do?

AEA(S) offer EAs a comprehensive course to train and equip individual with the knowledge and skills to grow your Employment Agency.

The course pack includes:

1. EA Professionalism Course

2. EA Portal

There are about 400 newly licensed EAs who have not deployed a single MDW although they have registered their business for more than one year.
Starting an employment agency may be a daunting task. Many new EAs are unsure how to begin as information and knowledge are not readily available. As a member, you get to enjoy exclusive benefits and access to courses to help you grow in the industry. Sign up now as our member here!